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Artisan Logistics Inc utilizes a 3rd party to process all freight claims. CDS, "Claims Done Successfully" 

Please fill out claim form and add any accompanying documents to include: 

  1. Reason for claim: Damage, Short or Loss

  2. Dollar Amount of Claim

  3. Copy of Bill of Lading

  4. Product Invoice

  5. Proof of Delivery if Damaged or Short

  6. Certificate of Insurance

  7. Rate Confirmation

Andrea Lucarelli


CDS, Inc.

171 W Wing Street, Suite 204A

Arlington Heights, IL  60005

Office: 847-749-4845

Direct: 630-217-2557

Joseph Catanzaro

Director of Sales, CDS, Inc

Phone: 847-749-4845

Mobile: 312-343-1707


171 W. Wing St #204A

Arlington Hts, Il 60005

Claims process is below.


Below is the claim form that we would prefer Artisan use when sending claims to CDS.  


Information in number 1 and number 2 can be filled in on the form. 


Items 3 thru 7 are documents to include with the claim form submission. 


We understand that in some instances where the product is damaged but is going to be repaired, you may not have a repair invoice. 


If you have a repair estimate, we can use that to get the notice of claim sent to the carrier.  If you don’t have an estimate, we will submit the claim as an “intent to File Claim”.


Claims are automatically emailed to:,,,

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