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Tarped Step Deck

Open Platform: Flatbed, Step Deck, Drop Deck, Hotshot, Double Drop, Lowboy, RGN (Removeable Gooseneck) Trailers

Artisan Logistics specializes in flatbed and open platform services tailored to meet the unique needs of customers transporting special equipment or materials that require wide, over-length, oversized, overweight, or combined loads that are legal for road transport. Our flatbed service is particularly advantageous for construction sites or shipping locations without available docks, where quick loading and unloading are essential for projects with time-sensitive schedules.

We are experts in open platform shipping, ensuring your shipment is equipped with appropriately sized tarps and secure tie-downs to safeguard it during transit and ready for immediate use upon arrival at its destination. We work with various types of trailers designed to accommodate diverse shipment requirements based on size and loading specifications. Additionally, we offer team service options for shipments needing expedited delivery to meet stringent project timelines.

Artisan Logistics provides Flatbed Trucking services throughout the Continental United States and from the U.S. to Canada, offering both Less-than-Truckload (LTL), Partial Truckloads, Full Truckload (FTL), and multi-stop options.


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Flatbed and Step Deck Trailer Dimensions
Stretch Flatbed Stretch Step Deck Dimensions
Double Drop Lowboy RGN Removeable Gooseneck Trailer Dimensions
Stretch Double Drop Extendable Dimensions

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