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Dry Van Freight

At Artisan Logistics Inc. we have a team who will advise and recommend precisely which type of truck and / or trailer equipment that is best for your particular shipment. Trailer specifications and configurations are standard in the industry with vans measuring either 48’ L x 96”/102” W or 53‘ L x 102” W.

It is important to know the interior dimensions of a trailer to ensure that your shipment will fit properly. The following dry van illustrations will help you understand a few of the fundamentals.


Artisan Logistics Inc. offers comprehensive solutions for shipping your dry freight, whether you have a Full Truckload (FTL), partial load, or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) requirement.

Many businesses shipping dry freight often inadvertently engage truckload carriers and pay for a full truckload even when their shipment doesn't occupy an entire trailer. Opting for Partial Truckload or LTL pricing allows for significant savings by sharing transportation costs with other partial shipments.

For instance, suppose Artisan has a partial truckload moving from San Francisco to Atlanta, and you need to ship goods from San Francisco to Memphis. By combining both shipments into a 53′ Dry Van, substantial cost savings are achieved since you avoid paying the full truckload rate.

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